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To help you choose the right size vehicle, previous customers have kindly emailed us some photos of vehicles they were given by the rental companies.

Standard Elite 7 Seater SUV

Ford Explorer
or similar
Approx 20 cu/ft trunk space

2 Cases

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer

Rental Company: Alamo
Make / Model: Ford Explorer
Rental Date: August 2014
This was this biggest SUV in the standard section when we were shown to the parking lot. The hatchback had two additional seats that folded down so it could actually seat seven passengers although not much room for luggage with all seats up. We had the back ones folded flat so the boot was huge which it needed to be for all the shopping bags!!

2014 Model Ford Explorer. Must have been something like at least a 3.5 to 4.0 litre at around 20mpg. To fill the tank from almost empty was $53 (17 gallons).
Rental Company: Budget
Make / Model: Ford Explorer
Rental Date: 2014
We went for a Ford Explorer (7 seater). Even though we were only 5 (all adults) I knew from previous experience we'd need the bigger car for the luggage to/from the airport - the rear seats folded to give us that extra 'trunk' space. We had 2 large, 3 medium and 2 cabin size cases. For all other travelling about we put the rear seats up which gave the 3 in the back that more room -,whilst the 3rd row seats are really designed for kids, one of our party is of a smaller stature so was quite happy in the back! It was a great choice. We did nigh on 800 miles and spent $130 on 'gas' so despite the fact we had a big car, we were quite happy with that. It always surprises me how many miles you do to and from the parks and up and down the I4.