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No Deposit Required

We're constantly looking at new ways to help our customers save money on their US Car Hire. We are the first (and only) company to offer free sat nav rental to our customers which is a massive saving when you consider the rental companies want $70 a week to use theirs. We're now offering our customers another great deal. Book your vehicle with us now to secure your rental and lock in at the current price. Pay no deposit, nothing, zero, not a penny. Then, come back to the website every couple of weeks and check to see if the price has dropped. If it has, just rebook at the new lower price. If the price increases (as it seems to be doing every week at the moment) don't worry, your original booking still stands at the lower price.

It's also worth Liking and Following us on Facebook as we'll anounce any special offers our suppliers are running so you can check your dates and see if the price goes any lower.

You'll received an automated email to remind you when its due. It's still worth keeping an eye on the prices right up until 72 hours before you go just incase the prices drop.

If you rebook, please email us your old booking reference number so we can cancel your old booking.