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Orlando Toll Road Guide and Map

This is a typical toll road in Florida. If you have the Sun Pass or the EPass you continue straight ahead.

If you do not have a Sun Pass or E Pass you use the slip road on the right and approach the toll booth. Some are unmanned so you throw the correct change in to the basket and a green light tells you to proceed. You then rejoin the main highway

Toll booths vary in price from just $0.25 to $3.00 and don't give change so make sure you carry plenty of coins.

Florida Toll Road Calculator

Typical Toll Road Layout
If you'd like to use the automated tolling, continue straight ahead. If you would like to pay by cash, come off the slip road to the right and go through the toll booth before rejoining the higway.
Typical Toll Booth
If you'd like to pay by cash, drive through the 'Exact Change' or the 'Change Receipts' lane. If you go through the 'Exact Change' lane, you'll need to put the correct amount of coins in to the bucket.
Typical Toll Road Layout
The image above is of a toll transponder typically found in some Budget rental vehicles. If the vehicle doesn't have one of these, it is setup to toll by the vehicle registration instead.

SunPass Signs

Most major rental car companies now offer their customers the option of including tolls with the credit card used to rent the vehicle. These rental car customers can use Florida's toll roads and not worry about carrying cash or stopping to pay for tolls. They can breeze through the SunPass ONLY, E-PASS ONLY and LeeWay ONLY toll lanes throughout the Sunshine State.

How does it work? There are two systems. Firstly is the Toll by Plate system whereby a cameras takes a photo of the rental car's license plate as it goes through the toll lane and sends a bill for the tolls to the rental company's tolling program vendor. The vendor collects the toll plus applicable service fees from the customer's credit card, and pays the toll to the road agency. The service fees are retained by the vendor, not the toll road.

The second system is where a small transponder is located within the vehicle. Once the vehicle passes through a toll the device is activated and you will be charged the daily fee up to the maximum monthly fee plus the sign posted toll fee. The device should be switched to the off position to avoid being billed if you intend to pay cash at each toll. We would advise obtaining a receipt from the attendant at each toll booth.

Cost Per Day Cost Per Rental
Alamo $3.95 fee per usage day plus tolls $19.75 maximum fee per 30 day rental period plus tolls Participation is automatic if driver elects to use EXPRESS, SunPass ONLY, E-PASS ONLY or LeeWay ONLY lanes.
Budget $3.95 fee per rental day plus tolls $19.75 maximum fee per 30 day rental period plus tolls Small transponder located on the windscreen of the vehicle. If switched on you will be opted-in when you pass through a Sun-Pass Only, ePass Only, and Leeway high-speed lanes tag based lane. Switch the device to the off position to avoid being charged for the duration of your holiday.
Dollar $4.95 fee per usage day plus tolls No Maximum Participation is automatic if driver elects to use EXPRESS, SunPass ONLY, E-PASS ONLY or LeeWay ONLY lanes.
Dollar $10.49 flat fee per rental day $52.49 maximum weekly fee. All inclusive Tolling Customer must either Opt-in or Decline at time of reservation.

For example, if you rent for 14 days and use the SunPass, ePass and LeeWay lane only once during your Budget rental, you'll be charged the maximum rental fee + the toll road charge. If you use the Alamo system, you'll be charged a day rate of $3.95 plus the toll

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Toll Road Map 2013

The information on this page was correct at time of publication (May 2018). Please check the SunPass website prior to travelling.