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Tesla can be charged at any Tesla supercharger, third party or public location throughout the USA. You can also connect to a standard household socket, although we recommend speaking to the accommodation provider to ensure this doesn't breach any conditions.

If you charge using a Tesla Supercharger, Hertz will pass the charging related fee's on to you by charging your card a few days after you return the vehicle.

If you charge using a third party charging station, you'll need to pay using their app or at the location.

You'll be able to locate charging stations easily by using the in car navigation screen. Tap the Navigation search bar, then select 'Charging'. You can also download third party apps such as Plugshare and ChargePoint.

Charging speeds depend on the location and vary from 18-20hrs on a household plug and as fast as 1 hour on a Tesla Supercharger. Charging speeds slow down above 80% so we'd recommend charging to this level on the Superchargers for a quicker charging experience.


Idle Fee's

Tesla charges an idle fee for all Tesla drivers if they leave their vehicles connected to a charging station for a prolonged period once charging completes. To avoid these charges, please ensure you disconnect and move your vehicle promptly once charging completes.